We are a revolutionised mattress
and bedding boutique targeted and
made for every Singaporean.

Our concept is to bring the very best
components together and create the
best possible mattress that delivers
total comfort and support for
maximum rest and relaxation.
To let our consumers clearly
understand what mattress is all
about and how it is made, so they
can have better knowledge for their
mattress selection.
Focusing on providing the best
quality product at the most
reasonable prices.

We believe in quality components rather than brand name.
In order to produce exceptional
mattress, we put our greatest
effort to work on each process
from designing to manufacturing.

We believe nothing great is
accomplished without passion.
The closest layer you come in contact
with when you sleep, this outer layer
fabric is selected for its dynamic cooling
and moisture management

The adaptive polymer is capable of
detecting temperature. Adapting the
evaporation of humidity accordingly.
There are ONLY 3 major comfort layers:
These TK individual pocketed springs inherently
absorbs movement directly underneath the
sleeper instead of spreading it across the bed.

The springs are made using the best technology
and materials that produce springs so awesome it
passed our reliability test with results off the chart!
Their primary purpose is to give comfort
by easing off pressure before allowing
the springs to give resistance.

They are usually placed on top of the
springs and this is what normally
consumers are paying for in a mattress.

Different comfort layer reacts
differently to you when you lay down on them.

Each comfort layer is unique in it's own way.
Firmness comes from the spring and the springs are ultimately
the core of the mattress. Springs are what gives your body
and the comfort layers support.

If you feel the mattress is too soft, replacing it with a firmer
springs and it will become firmer. The tension of springs decide
the firmness of your bed. Think trampoline and hammock.
For heavier people, this means a firmer mattress that doesn't sink
with their weight (if they feel like they're sinking in, it's too soft for
you). For lighter people, this means a softer mattress that doesn't
push back against them, disabling their body to fully relax.
That’s why at TILAM KING, we have created a particular system to
cater for all demographics. Whatever your BMI (body mass index) is,
you can choose from any of our TK beds.
Doesn't mean that you are heavy you cannot buy that particular
mattress because is too soft, we can firm it up for you, for free.
After understanding what makes a perfect mattress, you are now
equipped with the knowledge to select your perfect mattress.

Because of our system of tailor making awesome mattress cores for
our consumers, we only need 5 awesomely designed TK mattresses
to represent the entire mattress industry.
Try out our 5 TK mattresses. Feel it touch it, sit and rest on our beds.
Relax and feel what your body is trying to tell you about the mattress.
Everybody have their own personal preference.

What’s yours?
After trying on and choosing your preferred comfort layer, you are
now ready to choose the springs settings for your mattress.

All our displayed mattresses are set at medium settings, so let us
know if you would like it a tad softer or harder.